It is with great joy we wish to welcome you to Andreas Johnsons’s new web page. We understand if you wonder where the old one went, so did we. There was a company responsible for a lot of artists’ web pages, and Andreas’ being one of them, that went out of business leaving all the pages wiped out in an instant.

Well. Every cloud has a silver lining and this gave us an opportunity to recreate this site and give it an overhaul, add new pictures and other content and we are now very proud to be able to present it today, when there are so many things happening around Andreas right now that We want You to be able to follow.

The summer has been a nice mix of work and time off. On the personal side some travelling to France and around Sweden. Good food, good friends – some rain but mostly sunshine. The music and the work is not put aside just because of summer.

Andreas has spent a lot of time in the studio together with Peter Kvint working on what will become a his next album. Maybe you’ve heard the first single “Escape”. It got an flying start on Swedish radio which is fun and boosting for everyone involved. We hope you like what you hear! For now it is only available at online stores like Itunes but soon it will be available as a good old fashioned CD-single containing a few remixes and a brand new version of “glorious”. Marking the 10-year anniversary of that song’s inception.

Right now Andreas is busy rehearsing for the upcoming Ladies Night tour starting the 18th of September in Västerås, Sweden. As challenges come- this is a big one! Every time off we hear him talking about the skit of the day and choreography (!). The team for this year is having a great time together which will be visible on stage. The whole tour schedule can be seen under “Calendar”.

As for this site in general we are working hard filling it with content. As for today we haven’t got a shop set up but be patient, soon that and lots more will be up and running.

Once again, Welcome to the new site, we hope you will enjoy it!



Andreas Johnson was born in 1970, and has been into music for as long as he can remember. He has a wide range, both as a singer and artist, but also a personal voice that’s easy to recognize.

Over the years he has put his unmistakeable stamp on rock, folk songs, pop, arena rock, ballads and jazz.
Since his first solo album in 1999, he’s released five studio albums and one compilation, The Collector. During the fall of 2009 he’s part of the extremely popular Ladies’ Night tour across the nation, as well as the new single Escape. A new album is currently being written and recorded for a planned release in the spring of 2010.

Andreas Johnson’s parents were jazz musicians, which means that as a child he spent many nights on the road, at smoky jazz clubs and at the homes of friends in foreign cities. Raised in the Stockholm suburb of Huddinge, the young Andreas showed an early interest in his older brother and his friends’ record collections. Favourites included glam rock gods like David Bowie and Lou Reed, the ever-present Beatles, and folk rock by the likes of Bob Dylan and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Soon enough, Andreas developed his own musical taste, started writing songs, and discovered that people were moved by his own singing. In the early 90’s, he formed Planet Waves together with some childhood friends. They got signed by a major label and released an album in 1994. In 1997, the band split up, after which Andreas released his first solo album – a collection of songs in the singer/songwriter vein called Cottonfish Tales.

For his second solo album, Andreas got signed to Warner Music. This happened in a very old-fashioned way: A technical glitch meant that the demo he had brought with him for a meeting was unplayable. A guitar standing in the corner of the managing director’s office caught Andreas’ eye, and he asked if he could play the songs ”live”. Hearing the songs, it was obvious that Athis guy was the real thing. A record contract was inevitable.´
With the following album, Liebling, everything fell into place musically; infectious, slightly melancholic melodies and huge backing vocals on a core of guitars, put together by sweeping arrangements. The album was a result of a collaboration with Andreas new-found friend, co-writer and producer, Peter Kvint. The music reached far beyond our Scandinavian lakes and woods, the underlying Nordic melancholy lending Liebling a genuinely different sound.

But it would take a while, and a very special song, before the album really took flight. The song, of course, being Glorious.
Initiated in faraway regions such as South Korea and Russia, a Glorious-mania started that would spread over the world to countries like The Netherlands and Germany, leading to a prestigeous #3 in the British singles chart. Slowly but surely, the song also became a major hit in his home country.
Over the years, Glorious has been used in several big commercials, for example for Chevrolet, Ford and Nutella. It’s also appeared in trailers for, or included in, world-famous TV series, like The Sopranos and CSI.

Andreas followed the success with the slightly more arty and conceptual Deadly Happy. A period of extensive touring left little room for Andreas to stop and enjoy his success. After the last leg of the tour ended, he decided on a time out, spending a lot of time abroad. His travels included Germany, France, New York, and Thailand (where he experienced the Tsunami first-hand).

When he was reached by the information that Glorious was used in a French commercial and had, for the second time, reached the national top 10 over there, it rejuvenited him.
”The news gave me the much-needed energy, a much-needed injection of adrenalin. I guess that it finally entered my mind that people enjoyed my music”, he says, humbly.
Once again, Andreas turned to Peter Kvint. The pair soon returned to songwriting, this time with a newfound playfulness that’s been an integral part of Andreas’ attitude ever since. His fourth album, Mr Johnson, Your Room Is On Fire, was varied and musically rich. It helped Andreas reclaim his rightful place among the Swedish artist elíte. After having been offered a spot as ”joker” in the Swedish competition for the Eurovision Song Contest, Andreas and Peter wrote the Beatles-influenced Sing For Me. Having had nothing to do with that part of the Swedish music scene until then, Andreas was a dark horse but turned out to win the hearts of both jury and TV viewers. Sing For Me ended up with the ”Jury’s Favourite” award, as well as reaching #3 in the Swedish final.

Sing For Me ended up being the most played song of all of that year’s Swedish entries. It reached the number one spot on the two biggest chart shows on Swedish National Radio (Tracks and Svensktoppen). Andreas also hosted a radio show (Sommar), reaching millions of listeners. The following year Andreas and Peter wrote another song for the Eurovision Song Contest, mainly for fun. They posted the song on the very last day. Much to their surprise, the song , A Little Bit Of Love, was chosen and went straight to the final, where it ended up at second place.
Andreas, who had recently become a father, wanted to find some time for family life and decided to release a compilation album called The Collector. The following year, he entered the ESC once again, reaching Andra Chansen (Second Chance) with the Carola duet, One Love.

Then it was time for more family life, while Andreas planned his next move. After a while he felt the urge to re-visit his jazz roots. As a kid, he used to follow his parents to gigs at legendary jazz club Stampen, in the Old Town of Stockholm, where he fell asleep to the sound of jazz standards like The Man I Love – a Gershwin classic that became his lullaby of choice.

For Rediscovered, Andreas put his tux on, returning to the music of his childhood years. Evergreens were mixed with tastefully arranged contemporary songs like Terence Trent D’Arby’s Sign Your Name. Needless to say, his own ”evergreen” – Glorious – received its own classy retro arrangement.
At the time of writing this (August 2009), Andreas is one of three handsome performers touring under the Ladies’ Night moniker, as well as having a radio hit with the new single Escape.

Andreas Johnson is currently working on new material for a tentative album release in the spring of 2010.