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How to Keep Your Kids Engaged? 7 Best Ways!

As I examine the lives of kids in this age One of the things that irritates and worries me most is the fact that children cannot bear to be with them and they are prone to they are prone to the “I’m bored !!!!” phrase and the emergence of the demand for television, Ipads and other computer games.

It is normal since the child is familiar with constant activity and stimulation, but not used to spending time on his own, doesn’t know the best way to use his free time. at home, and wants to be with someone else or use technology.

Parents, we are faced with to fight against these demands from children and a vicious circle gets created.

However, children and young people are taught to be with themselves and enjoy themselves. It is essential to help them grow by gaining insight into who they are, to discover their lives, and to increase their creativity and develop their the ability to make decisions.

I also hear “mom, I’m bored” from my own kids occasionally However, the strategies I’ve shared below have decreased instances of it issue a often, and whenever I hear the word “mom, I’m bored,” I don’t panic anymore and I know what I need to do.

Below are some tips for helping the child how to become satisfied with his own self and to not be able to get the term “bored” from him .

1. You can give your “child” the responsibility to engage them in a fun and enjoyable way

I’m sure that the expression “I’m bored” is one of the most terrifying words to use for parents.


We feel we have the obligation to ensure that our child isn’t bored and the child will eat the top of our heads till we come up with something that will keep him entertained.

Here’s the most important idea .

If the obligation of distracting and entertaining him is handed over to the child the child will begin to think and utilize his creative abilities, without having to take it easy. He can create games for himself (TV or ipad aren’t included). You can get him/her to watch free movies in their free time. Don’t worry you need to subscribe to those expensive VOD services, you can free streaming sites like 7movierulz.hs for free.

I came across this concept for first time in the book for parents and children from Sean Covey, son of Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” I tried it out and my life was transformed. The title for the publication can be described as “7 Habits of Happy Kids”.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate an Turkish translation of this awe-inspiring book as of yet. The book outlines the seven habits are explained to children in stories.

The first rule that is taught in this book is being proactive.

Sammy the squirrel visits his mom one day and tells her, “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do.” The mother tries to give him some ideas but Sammy isn’t too interested. Then , he’s keen to visit all his friends’ houses to engage with them in some way but finds what they do to be boring.

In the end the grandmother of his friend Allie is able to tell him “Sammy If you’re feeling bored, you’re at fault as it’s your obligation to keep yourself entertained rather than someone else’s you are able to create your own entertainment, and you don’t have to depend on anyone other than yourself. Think about it and look around that you’re sure to be able to find something you enjoy doing”.

In addition in place of an “There is nothing to do” view, he asks “What can I do?” Sammy begins to look around at the old, broken radio on the ground, about to be put away, attempts to fix it, and eventually, it works (which doesn’t matter if it does not). She then proudly presents it as a gift to her friend Allie who is sick.

In short, when we inform that our kid ” you are responsible for entertaining yourself ” and do not try to keep him/her entertained, we are encouraging our child to become a active person who creates their own solutions and not be inactive.

This works well for our household, for instance If we are going to a location where they are likely to be bored (a long drive or at a restaurant, or even an acquaintance’s home) We prepare them at home without leaving the home.

“Look, we’re going to a place like this, make a bag for yourself, book, notebook, dough, toys, paint, magazine whatever you want, don’t say I’m bored where we go, you are responsible for keeping yourself busy” when we create an agreement from the start the term “bored” is much more prominent. We rarely hear it, yet when we we make sure to remind our clients of our agreement and urge the participants to be active.

Because we don’t provide them with phones, an iphone or other gadgets. When they complain of being bored, they turn to their imagination to come up with that is super-creative.

2. Accept the fact that “I’m bored”

Let’s say that you’ve embraced the concept above, and you told your child “You are responsible for entertaining yourself” However, your child is still grumbling and say “but mom still can’t find anything to do, I’m bored” (which can be plenty until you get familiar with the situation).

The second crucial issue, please hold and don’t buy any electronic gadgets or switch on the TV and let your child become bored.

It is possible to say something easily and in a calm manner and your child could be stunned when they first get to hear it.

“Yes I can understand why you’re bored. However, there’s nothing wrong with it. You can sit here and become bored for all you like. If you’re bored, you are free to do whatever is on your mind (except TV, Ipad and computers)”.

Do you realize the value of a chance this kid has to just sit down and be bored?

Gloria DeGaetano, author of Being Good Parents in the Media Age (who is also my PCI teacher) is the one who explains the boredom in children:

“When your children say that”they’re bored,” it’s all about boredom It’s more about what they think of their own image (personal perception of themselves). That is, the child isn’t seeing the potential for throwing up new ideas or being creative in him.

When you allow your child the possibility of being bored instead of trying being bored the child is able to think and utilize his creativity by connecting to his inner world.

Artists refer to this space, that we refer to as “boring”, “fertile void”. While nothing occurs, anything is possible”.

So, when you find peace with boredom of your child and begin to view the boredom as an opportunity to your child’s growth, eventually the child won’t view it as a negative thing.

If you’re patient with it, eventually, you’ll notice that your child comes up with stunning projects, games, studies and concepts in the moments when he’s amused the least.

They explained the situation perfectly within the text “Time is Too Much and No Time” of the “Crispy Philosophy” series:

“Being bored can make us realise how much space is within time. Thoughts can be free in this space and we are able to only imagine within this space. It is a time of leisure to think. It is a moment when there is nothing things to think about.”

This brings us to the next suggestion.

3. Make sure there is lots of “free time” in your child’s daily life

If “free” time is mentioned, “idle or wasted time” typically is the first thought that comes to thoughts. This is why parents strive to fill their children’s days with as many different activities as they can.

They summarized my thoughts regarding this issue very well in their book “Time is Too Much and There Is No Time”:

“Unfree time” is time that is used by someone else than us that is, when another person determines the things we ought to be doing. Leisure is time that’s yet free and which we can use with our own initiative. That is, we choose what to do without asking permission from someone else. Adults don’t want their children to be in a solitary position. They organize their lives in a manner that there aren’t any gaps. But, isn’t time also essential to reflect and daydream?”

Because we view these free moments as free for the development of children We fill them or let them be filled with schoolwork, tests and sports, as well as arts and screen time, such as computers and television.

The child, who may not have lots of free time, doesn’t have the chance to explore his inner world, to dream and grow his imagination.

But, it’s not only an artistic talent. Being creative can also mean the ability to analyse the situation, make choices and resolve issues.

If we think they’re sitting at home watching TV or engaging in games what’s actually happening is much more.

The child, who is all day in school, home, following ballet instruction and tennis lessons, piano and even spends a bit of time in front of the television or computers, doesn’t have the enough time to develop his creative and analytical, problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.

The problem you’re talking about is more complex than solving math problems.

These aren’t skills you can are developed through test-taking. In real life , in 3D I’m talking about making and making decisions, or solving issues.

Additionally kids who are able to spend a lot of time at their disposal and are in control of themselves (except for their television, computer and so on.) .

Create a safe and enjoyable environment that allows your kids, regardless of the age of their children to enjoy the most homework and tests as they can, along with instructor-led activities and time off from the computer and television every day.

Time spent with friends is not wasted time. Inspire them to spend a portion of it with them on their own, and with you.

You’ll be amazed to witness the positive improvements for your kid’s behavior as well as academic performance .

4. Make sure to save screen time for times when they’re not bored

If you let your children play the use of computers or television avoid doing this when your guests arrive because they’re bored.

When a situation like this happens in my life, I don’t immediately tell them no, but like, for instance, I say “Okay, you can watch TV in an hour, but find other things to take care of right now”.

Therefore, they don’t consider television or the iPad as an alternatives to being bored And I’m sure you’ll agree that often they make these kinds of things and then forget about themselves and their time and do not even think about television for a period of one hour.

Even if it doesn’t in the mail, I’ll remain true to my word and accept it up, and there’s no issue.

5. Spend as much time one-on-one together with your kid as is possible

This seems to contradict my earlier posts Doesn’t it?

However, not necessarily, since the teenager or child who spends “quality time, that is, all your attention is on each other” with their parents has reached an unquestionable level of satisfaction, and there’s no reason for him being alone later on.

It doesn’t mean we’ll spend every moment together, because in all else, harmony is vital.

6. Don’t give in too easily

In the end, I’m requesting this. Don’t give up on this today. Many mothers have told me they tried this two times however it didn’t work.

If I’d found the method of teaching my children everything in just only a few words I’m sure I’d have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, entered the Guinness Book of Records, and even been invited to Oprah Winfrey’s program to promote harmony between the parents and kids.

Children acquire behaviors by repetition, and stabilities .

It also requires patience.


10 Best Instagram Story Viewers Available In The Market 2022

Instagram is a great way to keep up with friends and see what everyone is doing, but sometimes you want to view someone’s story without them knowing. Here are the best anonymous Instagram story viewers.

What is an Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram Story Viewer is a service that lets you see someone’s Instagram story without them knowing. This can be useful if you want to keep up with someone without them knowing, or if you want to see what someone is doing without them knowing.

Things You Should Check In An Instagram Story Viewer:

– Ease of Use: The viewer should be easy to use and navigate.

– Anonymity: The viewer should allow you to view stories without the person knowing.

– Quality: The viewer should have high-quality images and videos.

Now that you know what to look for in an anonymous Instagram story viewer, let’s take a look at the best ones available.

1) InstaSave – This app allows you to view anyone’s Instagram story for free. You can also download stories with just a few clicks. It’s easy to use and has high-quality images and videos. Plus, it’s free to use! Overall, it’s the best tool to view stories anonymously.

2) Instalkr – This app lets you view anyone’s Instagram stories, even if they’re not your friend. You can also download stories and save them for later.

3) SmiHub – SmiHub is a great app for viewing anonymous Instagram stories. It also lets you download stories and repost them on other social media platforms.

4) Ingramer – Ingramer is an app that lets you view Instagram stories anonymously. It also allows you to download stories and repost them.

5) InstaDP – This app lets you view anyone’s Instagram story without them knowing. You can also download stories and save them for later.

6) Stories IG – Stories IG is an app that allows you to view anonymous Instagram stories. It also lets you download stories and save them for later.

7) StoriesDown – This app allows you to view anyone’s Instagram story without them knowing. You can also download stories and save them for later.

8) IGStories – IGStories is an app that allows you to view anonymous Instagram stories. It also lets you download stories and save them for later.

9) Anonymous Instagram – This app allows you to view anonymous Instagram stories. It also lets you download stories and save them for later.

10 Instastories – This app allows you to view anonymous Instagram stories. It also lets you download stories and save them for later.


Can you view private stories of Instagram accounts?

Yes, you can use anonymous instagram story viewer to see private instagram stories of any account.

Do I need to follow someone to view their story?

No, you don’t need to follow anyone to view their story. You can use anonymous instagram viewers to see the stories of anyone without them knowing.

Can I download Instagram Stories?

Yes, you can use anonymous instagram viewers to download instagram stories.

Final Words

Instagram is a great way to keep up with friends and see what everyone is doing, but sometimes you want to view someone’s story without them knowing. These anonymous Instagram story viewers will let you do just that. So go ahead and check them out!