Why Isn’t My Snap Score Updating? Common Reasons Explained

Snapchat is popular, but sometimes your Snap Score doesn’t update. This can be annoying. There are a few reasons why this might happen. Sometimes, It can feel frustrating when your score doesn’t change, even after using the app.

Common Reasons Why Snapchat Scores Don’t Update

Posting inappropriate content

Posting inappropriate content on snapchat

When you post something inappropriate on Snapchat, it might freeze or stop updating your Snapchat Score. Snapchat has strict rules against sharing harmful or offensive content. If you break these rules, the system might stop updating your score. This is how they keep Snapchat safe and respectful. If you keep posting such content, you might even lose your account.

Technical issues (force closing, internet connection, outdated app, etc.)

Technical snags like the app crashing, poor internet, or using an old version of Snapchat can often delay your score updates. When the app suddenly closes, it can mess up the score calculations that were happening at that time.

A bad internet connection also slows down how fast your score data gets sent and updated. Plus, if your Snapchat is outdated, it might not sync well with the servers, causing further delays.

User error (logging out, reinstalling app, clearing cache, etc.)

clearing cache on Snapchat

User errors, such as logging out, reinstalling the app, or clearing the cache, can delay updating your Snapchat Score. Logging out of Snapchat can interrupt the process of syncing your data, meaning that when you log back in, your score might take a bit longer to update.

Reinstalling the app does something similar. While it’s a typical way to fix problems, it makes Snapchat reset your data from their servers. This can also slow down your score updates.

Clearing your cache is good for fixing glitches, but it removes some stored data. So Snapchat has to reload and recalculate things like your Snap Score, which can also cause a delay in showing your updated score.


In short, a few things might go wrong if your Snapchat score isn’t updating. It could be a glitch in the system, a weak internet connection, mistakes you’re making, or an outdated app version. To fix this, ensure you’re using the latest version of Snapchat and have a good internet connection. Also, follow Snapchat’s rules to keep things running smoothly. This should help your score reflect your activity correctly.

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