What Does Snapchat+ Do? Features, Perks, and More

Snapchat+ is a new version of Snapchat that offers unique features and more ways to personalise your experience. The service has different price levels and is designed for users who spend a lot of time on Snapchat. It lets them try out new features first, like pinning a top friend or changing how chats look.

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat plus

Paid subscription service from Snapchat

Snapchat Plus is a paid subscription that upgrades your Snapchat experience. It offers exclusive features and enhancements that let you personalise your app use. For example, you can change your app icons and themes to make your Snapchat look different from anyone else’s. Every subscriber gets a Snapchat Plus badge, too, showing they’re part of this special group.

With a monthly fee, Snapchat Plus is designed for users who want more from their social media. It makes your interactions more unique and gives you new ways to connect with friends on Snapchat. If you love using Snapchat and want to take it to the next level, Snapchat Plus could be what you’re looking for.

Offers exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features

Snapchat Plus gives users access to new, unique features before anyone else. This version of Snapchat lets subscribers try out upcoming tools and improvements, which make the app more fun and interactive.

What Does Snapchat Plus Do?

Snapchat plus Feature

Enhances and customises Snapchat experience

Snapchat+ can boost your Snapchat game. It’s a subscription that turns the usual features into something special for users who want more from their app.

When you join Snapchat+, you can try out new features before everyone else. For example, you can check where your friends have been with Ghost Trails or see who’s rewatched your snaps with the Story Rewatch Indicator. You get a Snapchat Plus badge that makes your profile stand out. This service lets you get the most out of Snapchat if you’re really into it.

Features such as a story timer, custom notification sounds, pin a BFF, custom chat colours, and more

Snapchat+ offers new ways to customise your Snapchat experience. You can set a story timer, pick custom notification sounds, pin your best friend, and change chat colours. Let’s break it down.

With a story timer, you choose how long your stories last, from one hour to a whole week. This means you control who sees your content and for how long.

Custom notification sounds to let you know who’s messaging without looking at your phone. Each friend can have a different sound, so you always know who’s texting.

Pinning your best friend’s chats means their conversations stay at the top of your list. You won’t have to scroll to find your favorite conversations.

Lastly, changing chat colours make your conversations stand out. It’s a fun way to make each chat feel special. These features make using Snapchat more fun and personal. You get to shape how you interact with friends, making each connection feel unique.

Cost and availability information

You can sign up for the Snapchat app right by tapping your profile icon and then the Snapchat+ banner. This service is available everywhere, so users worldwide can enjoy the exclusive features. The pricing is set to be affordable and provides good value with these special features.

Subscription Plan Cost (USD)
Monthly $3.99
6 Months $21.99
Yearly $39.99



Snapchat+ takes the regular Snapchat experience up a notch by offering exclusive features. You can try out new tools before everyone else and tweak your app to make it feel more personal. There are different subscription plans, so it’s pretty affordable and fits a range of budgets. Overall, Snapchat+ is an excellent upgrade for anyone wanting to get more out of their Snapchat interactions.

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