Snapchat Planets: Order And Meaning Explained [2024]

Snapchat has rolled out a new feature called the Friend Solar System. It shows your friendships in a cool way, like a solar system where you’re the Sun. Each friend is a planet; the closer they are to you in this system, the more you interact with them.

This includes messages, snaps, and shared stories. It’s a fun way to see who you talk to the most, making your social interactions engaging and visually interesting.

What is Snapchat Planets?

Representation of best friends

Snapchat Planets is a new feature just for Snapchat Plus members. Using a solar system model lets you show who your best friends are. Imagine you’re the Sun, and your friends are the planets spinning around you. Each planet, from Mercury to Neptune, stands for one of your friends.

The closer you are to someone, the closer their planet is to you in this model. It’s a fun way to see who you talk to the most and how close you are with your friends, all laid out in space. This setup makes your social life more fun to look at and easier to understand.

Eight planets represent the level of intimacy

Snapchat’s Friend Solar System sorts your friends like planets, from closest to least close, using the order of the solar system. You’re the Sun, and your friends are planets like Mercury, Venus, etc.

Mercury is your top friend, and Neptune is your eighth closest friend. This cool feature is just for Snapchat Plus members. It organises your friends based on how often and deeply you interact with them, and it updates as your relationships change.

This way, you can easily see who you’re closest to, all set up in a fun, space-themed display. Understanding this setup can help you know the importance of each friendship.

Planet Order and Meaning Explained

In Snapchat Plus, the planets show how close you are to your friends. Mercury means your best friend, and then it goes to Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter as you move to friends you’re less close with.

Each planet stands for a different level of friendship, with Mercury at the top. Knowing this helps you understand and value each friendship in your circle.


Mercury (1)

Mercury is like your best friend on Snapchat. It’s the first planet in Snapchat Plus, showing who you talk to the most. It is a red planet with four hearts, highlighting a strong and warm friendship.

Snapchat figures this out by checking how often and how you interact with your friends. By understanding this, you can make the most of Snapchat Plus, making it a fun way to keep your friendships strong and active.


Venus (1)

In the Snapchat Friend Solar System, Venus is the icon for your second closest friend. It appears as a light brown planet with colourful hearts. This ranking on Snapchat Plus shows who you talk to most and how close you are. The Venus symbol isn’t just for show; it tells a lot about your friendship.

As your relationships change, so might the planets next to your friends’ names. This reflects how often and how deeply you connect. It’s a simple and fun way to see who you’re closest to, and it might encourage you to chat more with your best friends on Snapchat.


Earth (1)

In your Snapchat Friend Solar System, Earth is your third closest friend. This means you interact a lot and have a strong bond. Earth is shown with moons and stars, making it look nice.

Being on the third planet, this spot tells you that your friendship is more than casual; you talk regularly and share many experiences. Understanding this can help you see how valuable and stable this friendship is, adding much to your social life.


Mars (1)

In Snapchat’s Friend Solar System, Mars is your fourth closest buddy. This spot shows you both chat and share a lot, using messages, stories, and video calls. Mars brings energy and drive, just like in astrology, suggesting your friendship is lively and full of life.

You can see this ranking by clicking on your friend’s Best Friends badge with a gold border, but only if both of you have Snapchat Plus. This setup makes your Snapchat more personal and pushes you to keep in touch more, so your friend’s rank might even go up.


Jupiter (1)

In Snapchat’s Friend Solar System, Jupiter is your fifth closest friend. This shows you both have a robust and big friendship, like Jupiter’s huge size in the real solar system. Even though they’re not your top friend, they’re still super important. You guys share a lot and have fun together.

Knowing they’re your ‘Jupiter’ helps you see who your key Snapchat friends are, making you value your connections even more.


Saturn (1)

Saturn represents a close friend, but not your closest. This planet stands for a solid, lasting friendship. It’s like those friends who don’t need to talk daily, but it matters when you do. Saturn shows that this friend is important in your life because of a deep, steady connection built on trust and time.

It’s about quality, not daily chatter. So, even if Saturn isn’t as close as Mercury or Venus in your Snapchat lineup, this friend holds a special place in your circle, valued for loyalty and dependability.


Uranus (1)

Uranus in your Snapchat Friend Solar System is that one friend who’s always full of surprises. They’re the ones with a unique flair, making every day unpredictable.

They push you to think differently, step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Imagine Uranus as a planet in this digital space, always ready to shake things up. They keep your social life exciting and fresh, always adding something new.


Neptune (2)

Neptune is like the seventh closest friend in your Snapchat group. It stands for deep, lasting connections. On Snapchat Plus, having Neptune in your friend circle means you share a special bond, full of secrets and understanding that’s lasted over time.

Neptune is known for its spiritual and intuitive qualities in astrology, similar to the layers in your friendship on Snapchat. By recognising Neptune’s role, you can better appreciate how your online chats reflect these deep emotional ties.

As one of the last planets in your Snapchat circle, Neptune highlights the value of those old friendships that keep growing and inspiring you.


The Snapchat Planets feature is a fresh way to see who we connect with online. It uses planets as symbols for friends, showing us how close we are to each person. This makes using Snapchat more fun and helps us see our friendships more clearly. It’s a smart way to blend fun with a deeper look at our social lives, reminding us that some connections last and others change over time.

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