Does Snapchat Location Turn Off Automatically After Inactivity?

Snapchat offers a couple of handy features for sharing your location. You can use the live location tool to let your friends know where you are. These features are useful for different needs, whether you want to be open about your location or keep it to yourself.

How Long Does Snapchat Location Stay On?

Snapchat Location

Depends on your settings

On Snapchat, how long your location shows up depends on what you choose in your settings. You can set it to be visible for 15 minutes to eight hours. It’s all up to you. In your privacy settings, you control who can see your location and for how long. This way, you can adjust things based on what you need. So, there’s no single rule for everyone; it varies based on your decision.

Can be turned off manually or expires

You can turn off Snapchat’s location sharing yourself, or it will stop independently after a while. Usually, if you don’t do anything, Snapchat stops sharing your live location after 8 hours.

This is great because it balances privacy with the app’s features, especially if you forget to turn it off. If you want to hide your location immediately, switch on Ghost Mode in the settings. This makes your location invisible to others instantly, giving you more privacy.

Does Snapchat Location Turn Off Automatically After Inactivity?

Snapchat Location Turn Off

Yes, after 8 hours of inactivity

If you don’t use it, Snapchat turns off live location sharing after eight hours. This protects users who might forget to switch it off or don’t know it’s on. By doing this, Snapchat ensures your location isn’t always shared unless you want it to be.

This strikes a good balance between the handy feature of sharing where you are and keeping your privacy safe. It’s beneficial if you sometimes share your location to stay safe or connect with friends. You don’t have to worry about being tracked all the time.


If you’re inactive, Snapchat automatically turns off location sharing after eight hours. This helps keep your privacy and saves your phone’s battery life. Learning these features to use Snapchat wisely and safely is a good idea. You can also use Ghost Mode to keep your location private. Snapchat focuses on keeping your information secure.

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