What Is A Skinwalker? Creepy TikTok Trend Explained

The Skinwalker comes from Navajo legends. It’s a harmful witch that can turn into different animals. This myth has become popular on TikTok lately. It’s fascinating to see how a story from folklore has found its way into today’s digital world, proving that the eerie pull of the Skinwalker legend is as strong as ever.

What is a Skinwalker?

Origin and mythology

Skinwalkers come from Navajo culture.

Skinwalkers come from Navajo culture. They are harmful witches who can change into animals, take over their bodies, or disguise themselves as animals to hurt people. People in their communities often fear them because they bring death and bad luck. To become skinwalkers, they perform forbidden rituals. This makes them outcasts, shrouded in secrecy.

Characteristics and Abilities


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Skinwalkers, from Navajo culture, are known for changing shape. They can turn into animals, mimic voices, and blend in unnoticed. They often do this for harmful reasons.

In folklore, these beings are called yee naaldlooshii, meaning ‘he moves on all fours.’ Their ability to trick and deceive people makes them feared. They’re not just about changing looks; they use voice-changing skills to trick people into dangerous situations.

The Creepy TikTok Trend Explained

How the trend started?

TikTok trends often start when society’s current interests meet the platform’s knack for highlighting lesser-known subjects. The skinwalker trend is one such trend, and it started gaining traction in 2020. During the global pandemic, people were more anxious and spent much time online, which helped this trend grow.

Users began posting videos under the hashtag #Skinwalker, sharing stories and experiences about these mythical creatures from indigenous folklore. These posts, which have topped 600 million views, include spooky stories and staged scenes that draw viewers into the eerie world of skinwalkers.

Impact and controversy on social media


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The Skinwalker trend on TikTok has caught the attention of millions, but it’s also stirred up quite a bit of controversy. The concept comes from Navajo culture, where a skinwalker is a powerful creature in Native American stories. On TikTok, though, some people are worried about how people are showing skinwalkers. They say it shows a lack of respect and spreads the wrong ideas about Indigenous cultures.

Critics point out that making light of these serious cultural stories can hurt and misrepresent Native people. This has sparked a serious conversation about how we should handle cultural stories in our entertainment. Even though the trend is popular, it shows us that we must treat cultural stories with more care and respect. It’s a lesson in balancing the fun of social media with the importance of respecting everyone’s heritage.


To wrap it up, the Skinwalker trend on TikTok is a mixed bag. It’s got people interested in Native American stories, but there’s a lot of wrong information going around too. While it’s great that more folks are learning about these traditions, how some stories are told can mess up their meaning and reinforce old stereotypes.

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