What Is Moon Phase On My Birthday TikTok Trend? Explained

The TikTok trend ‘Moon Phase on My Birthday’ highlights people’s strong interest in astrology and the stars. Individuals are eager to discover the moon’s appearance at their birth and connect it to their personality traits.

What is the Moon Phase on My Birthday TikTok Trend?


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TikTok’s ‘Moon Phase on My Birthday’ trend has caught on. People find out what the moon looked like when they were born and consider how that might affect their lives and relationships. Both astrology fans and regular folks are getting into it. They’re curious if the moon’s position on their birthday has anything to do with their personality or what happens to them.

This idea isn’t new; for a long time, people have believed that celestial bodies like the moon can influence us. Now, TikTok users are making fun videos about their moon phases, sharing and sometimes arguing whether these astrological ideas make sense.

How do you discover your moon phase and compare it with your partner?

Finding out your moon phase and comparing it with your partner’s can add an exciting twist to your relationship. Start by using websites like theMoonjoy.com. Just enter your birthdate, and the site will show you the moon phase on that day. Do the same for your partner.

Once you know both moon phases, you can see how they might affect your relationship. This could show how you both handle emotions and interact with each other. Thinking about how these celestial patterns might affect your connection is fun.


The TikTok trend ‘Moon Phase on My Birthday’ mixes old star-based beliefs with new tech and social media. It’s a fun way for people to see how the moon looked when they were born and consider what that says about them. This trend isn’t just for laughs; it also brings people together, making them feel part of something bigger. Everyone loves exploring how the stars might shape who we are. This trend shows how much we still get caught up in the mysteries of the night sky.

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