What Are The Latest TikTok Boy Haircut Trends In 2024? Find Out Here!

Looking at the latest TikTok boy haircut trends, it’s clear they’re more than just hairstyles. They’re a mix of old and new, showing how young people today express themselves and connect with each other. This style shows how old trends can come back but with a modern twist. Young guys love it because it’s both a nod to the past and a fresh look for today.

Explore the Hottest TikTok Boy Haircut Trends

Wet Mop/E-boy Haircut


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The Wet Mop/E-boy haircut is trending big on TikTok. It takes some classic styles and gives them a modern twist, making them popular with today’s youth. Imagine the Beatles’ famous hair but messier and with more volume on top while keeping the sides short and neat.

Here’s how you get the look: start with a blow dryer to pump up the volume. Then, use some texturising spray to keep it looking full yet controlled. This hairstyle mixes old-school cool with a fresh, edgy vibe, perfect for the digital fashion scene. It’s easy to see why many TikTok influencers are rocking this style.

Short Sides, Long Top


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The latest TikTok boy haircut trend features short sides with a longer top. This style highlights the face, giving a modern and youthful look that is popular on platforms like TikTok.

The short sides keep things neat, sharpening the jawline and cheekbones. The longer top, on the other hand, lets you experiment with different styles, whether slicked back or loose and flowing. It’s a mix of classic and modern that works well for various occasions and personal tastes, always staying in step with current fashion trends.

Messy and Textured


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The TikTok boy haircut trend is all about a messy, textured look. It’s trendy on social media, especially with young people who care about style. This hairstyle isn’t just thrown together; it’s carefully styled to bring out the hair’s natural texture.

You mostly use products like texturising sprays and sea salt sprays to get this look. These help give your hair some volume and hold, but they don’t make it look too slick like some hair gels.

What’s great about this style is that it’s easy to keep up with and still looks good, perfect for everyday life and for sharing on social media. It’s a good fit for those who want to keep things simple but still look cool, mixing a relaxed vibe with a modern style.

Popular Variations

Several popular versions of the TikTok boy haircut have emerged, each suited to different hair types and personal tastes.

The ‘Fluffy and Voluminous’ style works great for those with thick or wavy hair. It uses products to boost the hair’s natural volume and texture.

The ‘Straight and Sleek’ version is perfect for a polished look. It’s easy to manage, especially for straight hair, and focuses on clean, precise cuts.

Then there’s the ‘Curly and Shaggy’ style, ideal for curly hair. It brings out the best in natural curls and gives off a cool, edgy vibe. Each style keeps that unique TikTok flair, mixing classic looks with a modern twist, and they all seem to catch everyone’s eye on the platform.


To get right to it, the latest TikTok boy haircut trends are all about bringing back old-school styles but with a modern twist. These haircuts usually have short sides with longer, textured hair on top. They’re not just cool to look at but also easy to manage. Going for these styles means keeping up with the latest fashion while nodding to classic looks. It’s an intelligent way to ensure your hair is trendy and practical.

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