Did Your Heart Emoji Disappear On Snapchat? Here’s Why

Have you noticed the heart emoji missing from your Snapchat chats? This isn’t rare. It could be because you’re interacting differently with friends, or it might be a glitch in the app. Though it seems small, losing this emoji can signal changes in your friendships or technical problems that need fixing. Let’s investigate why this might happen and how to get the emoji back.

Why the Snapchat Heart Emoji Disappears?

Changes in Snapstreaks and Best Friend Status

Changes in Snapstreaks

Snapstreaks and best friend statuses on Snapchat change when the amount of chat you chat changes. If you stop snapping at your top friend as much or start snapping at someone else more, you might lose your heart emoji.

This shows how friendships evolve and how the app keeps up with these changes. To keep your heart emoji, you need to keep chatting regularly. If you chat less, your friendship status on the app might drop, and you might lose that heart emoji.

App Glitches

Snapstreaks and best friend emojis on Snapchat often change when we interact differently with friends. But if the heart emoji vanishes suddenly, it might be a glitch in the app. Some users have noticed these emojis disappear even though they haven’t changed how they snap. This could be because Snapchat deals with much data daily, and sometimes things go wrong.

Maintaining Regular Snaps and Communication

Keeping up with regular snaps and clear communication is key to keeping the heart emoji on Snapchat. When you don’t snap as often, the heart might go away because Snapchat thinks you’re not as close anymore.

You must snap your friend more than anyone else to keep that heart. Send them snaps, videos, and messages often. If you start slacking, the heart emoji might drop to a lower symbol or just vanish, showing you’re not talking as much.

Steps to Retrieve the Snapchat Heart Emoji

Reach out to Snapchat Support

Reach out to Snapchat Support

If your heart emoji vanishes on Snapchat, contact Snapchat Support right away. Here’s how:

Go to the Snapchat Support page and click “Contact Us.” Then pick “I have a problem with Emojis.” Follow the steps to explain what happened with the missing heart emoji. Include screenshots and details about when you last saw it, which can help the support team fix the problem faster.

Be aware of glitches and changes

Sometimes, Snapchat has bugs that make heart emojis vanish. To fix this, keep chatting with your best friend on Snapchat. It helps bring back or keep those hearts. If you think there’s a glitch, try restarting the app or logging out and back in to refresh everything. Also, check Snapchat’s support Twitter to see if they’ve posted any updates or fixes. If it’s still not working, contact Snapchat’s support team. Remember, fixing these things can take a bit of time.


In short, if your heart emoji vanished on Snapchat, it could be due to several reasons. Maybe you’re not chatting as much with your top friend, or a bug or recent update could affect the emoji. It’s a good idea to keep chatting regularly with your best friends and let Snapchat Support know if you spot any issues. Also, stay updated on any changes Snapchat makes. This way, you can keep the heart emoji visible on your list, which shows you have a strong bond with someone.

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