What’s The Grimace Shake Trend? Viral TikTok Meme Explained

Lately, everyone’s talking about the Grimace Shake on TikTok. It’s a perfect example of how social media can boost a brand’s popularity. This trend spread like wildfire, showing how a simple, quirky idea can catch everyone’s attention online.

The Grimace Shake TikTok Trend Explained


trying the grimace shake to see what happens 🤭 #grimaceshake #grimace

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The Grimace Shake meme started on TikTok. In it, people act like they’re having wild, crazy reactions after drinking McDonald’s berry-flavoured Grimace Shake. They even paint themselves purple like Grimace, a character from McDonald’s, and make videos where they overreact to the shake.

These videos show them going through wild, funny changes, making it seem like the shake has magical powers. This humour is prevalent on social media – people love seeing over-the-top reactions to simple things.

How did it become a viral TikTok trend?

The Grimace Shake became a viral TikTok sensation thanks to a mix of humour, eye-catching visuals, and dramatic reactions. It all started when TikToker @thefrazmaz posted a funny video pretending to be overly intoxicated from the shake, calling it a ‘crime scene’ of ‘Grimace Victims.’ The video’s bold purple colour and the over-the-top performance caught people’s attention. It clicked with Gen Z’s love for weird, dark humour.

As the video spread, its striking look and surprising content got people from around TikTok to join in and make their versions. McDonald’s even got in on the action, boosting the trend further. This made the Grimace Shake a big deal on social media, pulling in more and more people to see what the fuss was about.

McDonald’s response to the Grimace Shake Trend


The response to the Grimace Shake has been so positive that I thought I’d try it myself! Thank you everyone!! grimaceshake mcdonalds grimace

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McDonald’s jumped in on social media when the Grimace Shake trend went viral. They used to surprise and humour to connect with the trend. Using a light-hearted tone that matched the odd but fun nature of the trend, they spoke directly to fans with clever posts and replies. This smart move spread the word further and kept the brand cool for younger folks who hang out on places like TikTok. McDonald’s managed to turn this unexpected online wave into a win for its image without changing its usual marketing style.


The Grimace Shake trend shows how online trends and customer habits work together. It’s a great example of how a simple thing can become something everyone talks about just because of social media. This trend shows platforms like TikTok’s power in creating new fads. It also highlights how humor and communication change, especially among young people. So, it’s a perfect topic for those interested in marketing, media, or social psychology.

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