Will Any USB Microphone Work With PS4? (My Recommendations)

When it comes to gaming, then playing on smart phones and computers are the first things that are going to come to mind. But, is gaming limited to mobile and PC games only? The answer will be a no. 

Gaming is not limited to a smart phone or computer only. In fact in the world of gaming, smart phone and mobile games are only a small part. There is a big space if you look outside the ones you play regularly. And a major part of that space is occupied by PlayStation or PS. In the recent times, PS has come in many variants and the PS4 is the most recent, and perhaps the most used one.

There are a lot of games which one gets to play on PS4, and streamers of You Tube and Twitch generally prefer streaming games on PS4 (generally any PlayStation). And when you are deep into streaming, you very well know the importance of your own voice. May it be talking with teammates or talking to the audience, microphone is the thing which helps you. So the question arises, is a USB mic compatible with the PS4? 

According to one of the biggest reviewing site Android Central, any USB microphone will work with the PS4 and you are good to use any USB headset as well. 

So why don’t we look at some really good USB microphones which are compatible with the PS4? Here are 5 of them – 

Top 5 Best USB Microphones To Buy In 2020

1. CMTECK USB Gaming Microphone

usb microphone

If you are into streaming and gaming, then you should undoubtedly go for CMTECK USB gaming headphone. It has been used by various streamers and they have claimed it to be one of the best picks. 

And do not go on its low price! At a very low price, it offers the best service you can expect. It ensures that your voice is clear and your recording is smooth thus giving an awesome sound quality. And you do not need to worry at the background noise as well. The smart CMTECK CCS2.0 built in chip very well blocks the background sound and eliminates echo as well.

It has a compact design along with an adjustable neck which you can bend anytime in any direction without the fear of having it broken. The LED lights also give a nice look as well as have the simple function of muting and un-muting. Overall it is a great USB microphone at a low price!

2. KLIM Desktop USB Microphone

KLIM desktop USB mic provides some really nice sound quality which can prove ideal for gamers and streamers. 

It features a patented audio filter and an included anti-pop filter which eliminates background noise and echo and solely focuses on the user’s voice. And it is very simple to use. All you need to do is to plug it in and it will start working. You do not need any external software to make it run, and the other details will be provided in the user manual. It is ideal for gaming, audio recordings, Skype conversations etc. 

The microphone has a built in stand which is highly durable. Also included are the mute button and independent volume controls. Bright LEDs will add a nice visual effect and the neck is adjustable as well. It has a sturdy built, with plastic in the exterior and metal in the interior and can also hold your smart phone while you are playing! Overall it is a good and cheap microphone for beginners.

3. TPFOON 4M 13FT Wired USB Microphone

If you are the type of person who likes playing games which are a bit different like the singing and dancing kind of games, then this mic is for you. The TPFOON 4M is perfect for playing games like Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 on PS4.

It is very accurate in voice reproduction. It has an upgraded frequency response system which accurately reproduces your sound. It is very light-weight and does not require any external drivers or software to run. It has a lengthy 13ft wire which ensures that you have a plenty of room to play around with your games. 

The mic’s wide dynamic sound detecting range wisely detects all kinds of sounds, from a whisper to a shout and provides clarity to your voice. Overall it is a great mic to make you get lost in your singing world.

4. ZaxSound USB Microphone

The ZaxSound microphone is a really cheap cardioid mic which has high sensitivity which may be suitable for many gamers. And this model is famous for greatly suppressing unnecessary background noise.

To start with, the mic has a great design which looks premium at first sight. The body has the USB input, TRRS output and stereo headphone jack. It comes with a 6ft cable which also ensures clean digital sound. Also included is an external stand with a tripod so that you can place the mic conveniently.

5. Micolindun Gaming Headset

When we have talked a lot about USB microphones, let us check one of the best headset suitable for PS4 gaming.

The Micolindun headset is an excellent headset which ensures you get crystal clear audio both to hear and to deliver. It delivers extraordinary sound effect with the help of its 50mm large drive unit. The powerful stereo sound along with the deep bass takes you literally into the game scene. 

Now coming to the microphone, the upgraded omni-directional microphones has the ultimate noise cancelling feature which ensures your voice goes clear and crystal without the added noise of breathing or smacking of lips! It has the in-line controller with volume control buttons and mute key which make it easy to operate. So now you can turn the mic on or off and adjust the volume of the mic in between your play without any hassle!

And another noticeable feature is the added gaming lights which are enough to provide great visual effect to the dim light gaming conditions. The headset has brightly glowing LEDs both in the front and the side of the ear cups which makes it better than its competitors in lighting effects.

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